• Liz Lark, Teacher & Project Manager Extraordinaire at St Teresas’s:
  • Zoe Studd, All-Star Project Support & Director, Mountains to Sea Wellington:
  • Siv Fjaerestad, Creative Community Engagement Co-ordinator (ie be that blogger, photographer, artist, creative community liaison):

FAQ’s/who do I contact:

  • I want to help with planting, or I have spare plants, or I want to donate towards purchasing plants. Who do I contact? That would be fabulous! Please contact Liz on
  • Can I volunteer to help make a community event happen? Yes, please! Contact Siv on
  • I am a resident who lives nearby the creek – how can I find out more about this project, and maybe get involved? Contact Liz on
  • I own land next to Donald’s Creek’s (further south or north) and am keen to support the project! How can I help? Contact Zoe on
  • What a cool project – how can I make a similar project happen where I live, or get involved in monitoring freshwater in my community? Contact Zoe on